dott.ssa Manuela Spadoni

dott.ssa Manuela Spadoni

EMDR consultant

author of "Flashcards for learning EMDR tools"

Areas of care

Resolution of traumatic event consequences.

EMDR diagnosis and psychotherapy of adult and adolescent patients with a wide range of disorders: simple and complex PTSD, eating disorders, dissociative disorders, borderline personality disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety depressive syndrome, panic attacks, phobic obsessive symptomatology, etc. Specific attention is also paid to patients with autoimmune and psychosomatic diseases as well as functional physical disorders not related to specific organic diseases.


Having graduated with honors in Psychology from the University of Padua, she trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Center for Clinical Psychology in Milan under prof. Zapparoli.

Later this basic training was expanded and supplemented by numerous training and refresher courses on techniques from other psychotherapeutic orientations as she believes in the importance of a flexible, integrated clinical approach centered on patient needs.

She has worked in Public Services, legal and private settings. For the last few years her practice has been exclusively private.

She lectures on EMDR treatments of Complex Patients at EMDR Association training courses and at Health Facilities (psychotherapists, physicians, nurses, educators, etc.).


email: [email protected]

By appointment:

26/A Francesco Frisi Street, Monza

via Caretta 1, CRSP, Milan

online sessions

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